Our Board

Comprised of senior leadership from our member organizations, the Global Lighting Association's board collectively represents many years of industry expertise and experience.

Chen Yansheng
President China Association of Lighting Industry (CALI), Vice President Global Lighting Association
Ourania Georgoutsakou
Secretary General LightingEurope
Pekka Hakkarainen
Vice President Lutron Electronics (NEMA)
Bryan King
Executive Director - Lighting Council New Zealand
Michael Ng
Director Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA)
Isac Roizenblatt
Technical Director Brazilian Lighting Industry Association (ABILUX)
Gerald Strickland
Government Relations & Corporate Affairs (Energy & Environment)
Shyam Sujan
Secretary General Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers’ Association (ELCOMA)
Kiyoaki Uchihashi
Senior Executive Managing Director Japan Lighting Manufactures Association (JLMA)
Bryan Douglas
Secretary General Global Lighting Association